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OGANSIA A.Ş. was established in 2015 in Bursa with an aim to produce healthier and higher quality products and to veer the sector off a new direction and to bring these products to final consumers through Network Marketing system and to provide our people a new method for earning, based on the long years of knowledge and experience built up by its founding partners and specialist staff in Alternative Medicine and Network Marketing.

Being a company having made a great success in a short span of time, Ogansia today, is able to offer all of its business partners, its products produced in its own plant with cutting-edge high technology. At one and the same time, it provides high quality service and support to its business partners in its Bursa headquarters thanks to its specialist and smoothy personnel.









What Is Network Marketing ?

Network Marketing which is foreseen as the trading system of 21st century is growing gradually day by day and has taken its place under the spotlights. Being a trading system enabling a gain directly proportionate to the personal efforts of an individual, this system becomes more prominent thanks to its ability to provide equal opportunity to all participants, not requiring knowledge and experience to get a start and enabling the individual determine the working hours on his own. Now let’s examine this trading system in more details and have a look into the practice:

The classical trading is system requires many intermediaries as storage, transportation, distributor and vendor etc. so as to enable the product produced be handed over to the customer. Even advertisement introducing the product to the customer is also an intermediary. Diversity and existence of such intermediaries may depend on the type of product. However, at the end, there are many intermediaries enabling the product to be delivered to the customer and profits of these intermediaries are reflected on the product. For example, assuming the cost of a product is 100 €, when we add up the profits for all the intermediaries used to deliver the product to the customer and also the advertisement cost we may encounter a price of 160 € ( of course this is an exemplary figure).

However, Network Marketing trading system involves a single intermediary which is the own participants of the company namely its distributors. In the example above 60 € out of a 160 € product which reached us with a classical type of trade was spent for the intermediaries. Since these intermediaries are the distributors in Network Marketing, this share is allocated to the distributors according to a commission plan.

How The System Works ?

Network Marketing is a system based on recommendation. In other words, you buy and use the product and when you are satisfied you naturally recommend it to those around you. The researches show that such a recommendation provides better results than a presentation given by a seller or an advertisement published in the media. Moreover, this is why the products of the measured up companies are highly of good quality and this is how they should be in order to succeed.

Network Marketing is a team work. You may earn from your individual references / sales however what is important is the money gained over the turnover generated by your team. This is where the real great gain is generated. From this point of view, Network Marketing is based on “generating high efficiency / making profit with 1% effort of a group of 100 persons instead of 100% effort of 1 individual.”

Production in Ogansia

Production in Ogansia is made through Ogannaturel Ltd Şti, a wholly owned subsidiary. Our plant is based on a closed area 2500 m2 and open area of 2000 m2 which in aggregate is 4500 m2. We process the highest quality raw materials supplied from in and outside the country in our plant equipped with the cutting edge technology. We are able to bring you our products intact through our manufacturing lines.

We have in process a common production project together with The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) in an aim to take advantage of the advanced technology.

Furthermore, R&D activities for our products were carried out with the common studies performed with the high level academicians in the University of Uludağ and the products are offered to you in the healthiest manner based on various test and analysis activities.

Quality Management in Ogansia



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İhsaniye Mah. Can Sok. No:2 Dünya İş Merkezi Kat:4 No:14 Nilüfer / BURSA
Phone: +90 850 304 58 74
Fax: +90 850 304 58 74
Whatsapp: +90 850 304 58 74
E-Mail bilgi@ogansia.com

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Turkish Economy Bank
TR50 0003 2000 0000 0029 0613 85 TRY
Swift Code: TRHBTR2A
TR94 0001 2001 2290 0053 1002 47 USD
TR92 0001 2001 2290 0058 1002 45 EUR
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TR61 0001 2001 2290 0073 0000 03 CHF

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ING Bank
Swift Code: INGBNL2A
NL78INGB0020036973 STERLIN
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Tic. Register No:: 85746
Mersis No : 0-6340-4571-5000001
Room registration number : 95406
Tax Office / No : Nilüfer / 6340457150
Kep Address : ogansia@hs.01.kep.tr

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